Types of Training Programs

There are different types of teaching and ways to get there, so it is important to choose the right training program. A training program will allow you to gain qualified status through training. Types of training programs available include: university based undergraduate and graduate programs, programs like Teach For America, and urban teacher residency programs. University based programs, like this one from Pacific Oaks College, which allows students to complete the course requirements for credentialing as a stand-alone program or within the context of a joint degree/credential program, combines coursework and fieldwork to allow students to make connections between theory and practice. Teach For America, on the other hand, recruits recent college grads to become teachers in low-income communities. Members receive training in the practices of great teachers and leaders as they lead their own classroom. Urban teacher residency programs entail a partnership between an urban school district, a degree-granting university, and a nonprofit that oversees the program and covers most of the cost for a group of residents to take educational-theory classes in the summer and during the school year, with focus on a year-long residency in a high-needs school, with collaboration with a trained mentor-teacher.

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