Teacher Preparation and Retention

Did you know that well prepared teachers are more likely to remain in teaching? Its true! Research has found that teacher preparation and knowledge of teaching and learning, in addition to other factors, are leading contributors in teaching effectiveness. Existing research has found the following:

  • Teacher preparation helps candidates develop the knowledge and skill they need in the classroom
  • Well prepared teachers are more likely to stay in teaching
  • Well prepared teachers produce higher student achievement

And other factors that teacher training offers teachers.

Teacher knowledge of the subject to be taught and knowledge and skill in how to teach that subject are both extremely important components of teacher training. One must have knowledge in the subject matter for effective teaching. Knowledge and skill in how to teach also plays a part in effectiveness. Effective teachers:

  • Understand and apply strategies to help increase student achievement
  • Understand and apply knowledge of child/adolescent development to encourage and engage students
  • Are able to diagnose individual learning needs
  • Develop positive classroom environments in order to make stimulating learning environments

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