New Teacher Survival Guide

You made it through student teaching.  You made it through your training program.  Now it’s time to make it through your first year of teaching!

For all of you new teachers out there, here is a little advice from veterans in the field.

1. Take a moment to breathe and stock up. Leave school for an hour or so to get away for a little break and restock the necessities, like bottled water and healthy snacks to keep you going throughout the day. It gives you a moment away from the stress and lets you think about other things.

2. Don’t absorb stress. Other teachers or administrators might come sit in on your class to obersve. When they offer suggestions or constructive criticsm, don’t let it get to you. They are just trying to help, and if students notice the change in your demeanor, they might take advantage of that and act out. Remain calm and continue teaching. Take time after class to think about what your observers had to say and then alter things from there.

3. Keep it in perspective. Teaching can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. Schools open early and close late, so do what you need to make it easier on yourself. If that means taking time to unwind when you get home, do it. Indulge in your favorite meal or take an hour to read that book you have been meaning to start.

4. Seek a mentor. The first year of teaching can be rough. But guidance and advice from an experienced coworker can make it a little easier. It always helps to know that someone has your back.

5. Be Yourself. Stick with what works for you. Plan lessons that the children and yourself can enjoy.

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