How To Address Bad Behavior In The Classroom

Disruptive students — every class has them. How do you handle bad behavior in the classroom? Continue reading for some tips.

1. Separate the behavior from the person. Don’t see a badly behaved student as a bad person. A good person can be separated from bad behavior, especially when you act as if this is what they really want.

2. Act, but don’t react. Reactions are impulsive and not thought out. When you act, you think first. Taking a little time to cool down can result in more productivity.

3. Analyze, then respond. If you seek to understand the underlying reasons for acting out, and discover them, you can then design your actions to address the deeper motivations.

4. Be consistent and fair. You should always be fair when responding to bad behavior. Treat each incident as its own. Follow up on your rules, and if you use a punishment with one child, be ready to use it with the others.


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