Student Teaching

Student teaching is another step forward in your teaching career. It is normal to be nervous or anxious, but hopefully you are also excited! This is your chance to apply everything you have learned so far from school, student teaching, training, and beyond, in a classroom setting. Here are a few tips to get your student teaching started on the right foot.

Call your assigned school before the year starts. Teachers usually head back at the end of August, and this is a great chance for you to meet the teacher you will be working with. Offer your assistance with setting up the classroom and start to get know your teacher. They will appreciate the help and effort!

Come in early to help. Pick out books or create a bulletin board. This will show your eagerness to help and that you want to be a part of the classroom.

Review the curriculum.  Know the topics you will be responsible for and be ready for when your lessons start.

Observe. Observe other teachers in addition to the one you are assigned. This is a good learning experience because it exposes you to different teaching styles.

Help with papers. Offer to make copies, grade, and wander around the room helping students.

Ask for constructive criticism. Use it as a tool to grow professionally. It will help you develop and improve your teaching skills.

Ask questions. Your mentor teacher wants to help you. Bring them any questions you might have.


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