First Year Teachers

Advice for surviving your first year of teaching:

Be genuine. From the first day, resolve yourself to respectfully estabish your credability and authority. Showcare relevance. Connect teaching material to your students’ lives and something they can relate to.

Over plan. Make sure you have enough material for the class period, plus extra material should there be extra time.

Create clear-cut classroom routines. Try to do this as soon as possible so they can be implemented and learned right away.

Keep your sense of humor. Having a sense of humor in the classroom can help create a more relaxed and inviting environment. Kids respond well to a good sense of humor.

Use positive reinforcements. Praise students for their efforts and responses, but make sure to spread it around to everyone to avoid feeling disconnected of undervalued.

Find a mentor. A mentor will help you learn the ropes and is a good person not only to bounce ideas off of, but take ideas from, too.

Make a connection with stakeholders. Cultivate meaningful connections with parents by communicating and working with them. Creating relationships with your academic team is just as important. Working together to find solutions for a problem child or just bouncing ideas off of will be helpful.

Have a relationship with administration. Many of the school’s key players are part of the adminstration, and they will be able to help you out in times of need.


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