Teacher Tips

Check out these tips for first year teachers! What kind of tips have you gotten? Do you have any tips to share?


Importance of Effective Teacher Training

Why it is so important for all teachers to have effective teacher training programs?  Not all programs are created equal.  A teacher preparation program that provides new teachers with knowledge, experience, and guidance will lead them to the greatest chance of success.  When this does not happen, teachers leaving the profession becomes a risk, but more importantly, the greater risk is the education of entire classes of students.  Continue reading.

What I Wish I’d Known As a New Teacher

“The first year (like a first love) has so many highs and lows and I still get both dreamy-eyed and panicky when I remember the 1995-96 school year. Capture this year, share stories with people you trust, and then in twenty years, look back and write yourself a “What I Wish I’d Known” letter.”  -Elena Aguilar, Transformational Leadership Coach from Oakland, California.  Read the rest of her advice for new teachers.